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Selling 100 % mulberry leaf powder

The mulberry leaf powder is obtained entirely of mulberry leaves, harvested from our own plantations which are under an optimal agrotechnics. The mulberry plantations are completely isolated of possible pollution with agricultural chemicals or any other harmful for the silkworm larvae or the people and animals substances. Therefore the mulberry leaves obtained are entirely ecologically clean.

The leaves are picked up during the period June – September. Only high quality mulberry leaves having high nutritive content and suitable for the silkworm feeding are selected. The mulberry leaves are dried at room temperature aiming at a complete preservation of their nutritive substances. The rooms for drying the leaves had been previously ideally cleaned and disinfected. After the drying the leaves are grinded and the mulberry leaf powder obtained is preserved in cloth bags in a special storage room on shelves with trays having net bottom at an air humidity below 65 %, temperature from 5 to 25 o C and continuous ventilation.

The mulberry leaf powder contains entirely only dried and grinded mulberry leaves without any other additives.

The 100 % mulberry leaf powder is very suitable as a very essential component of silkworm artificial diets as well as for other purposes. Mulberry leaf powder can be for example added to such food products as ice cream, cakes and cookies or used as a flavoring. Furthermore, it is now an ingredient for cosmetics, particularly whitening creams.

The biochemical composition of the 100 % mulberry leaf powder is as follows:

Crude protein
Crude fats
Crude fibers
Crude ash
Protein extract matter

We accept orders for buying 100 % mulberry leaf powder all the year round.