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SАES – Vratza briefly

Briefly the main characteristics of SАES – Vratza are:

  • Makes research in all the major fields of sericulture, such as moriculture, silkworm breeding/egg production, rearing technology, cocoon processing;
  • Conducts training in all major fields of sericulture, including PhD courses;
  • Preserves the biggest sericulture germplasm in Europe, containing:
  • 140 mulberry varieties;
  • 260 silkworm strains;
  • Produces high quality P1 and F1 silkworm eggs, available for sale throughout the year even in comparatively very small quantities;
  • Produces mulberry saplings of highly productive varieties;
  • Produces 100 % mulberry leaf powder;
  • Produces mulberry tea;
  • Produces silkworm artificial diet (chow/food) for larval rearing all the year round;
  • Produces perforated paper for bed cleaning and cardboard frame mountages, ensuring spinning of more than 90 % first grade cocoons;
  • Has a completely closed circle of production, starting from the research through production of mulberry sapling, silkworm eggs, dry cocoons, raw silk, silk yarn and silk garment.
  • May demonstrate/train at one same place all the sericulture industry activities including: moriculture, silkworm breeding and egg production, rearing technology, cocoon drying, storage and assorting, silk reeling, twisting, degumming, dyeing, silk knitting and production of silk garment.