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Selling of perforated paper for bed cleaning and cardboard frame mountages, ensuring spinning of more than 90 % first grade cocoons.

The perforated paper use increases labor effectiveness over 2.5 times. The paper is put on the rearing bed and on the larvae, mulberry leaves or silkworm chow are spread over it and in several hours, after all the larvae crawl on the paper it is lifted and removed along with the larvae to a clean tray.

The most important requirements which the cocoon mountages should meet are as follows:

  • To provide sufficient and equal space for the larvae to spin their cocoons;
  • To be made by suitable material, allowing to maintain the necessary microclimatic conditions, especially to absorb the extra moisture;
  • To be comparatively cheap and durable;
  • To make easy the silkworm larvae crawling on them;
  • To be convenient for operation and labor saving;

The highest quality cocoons are spun on the cardboard frames, Japanese type. These frames have 132 cells with dimensions 4.5 х 3.3 cm, each one is sufficient for spinning of only one cocoon. For mounting of one box of silkworm eggs 150 – 160 mountages are necessary. When using this type of mountage, more than 80 % of the cocoons spun are of the 1st grade.
We accept orders for buying perforated paper for bed cleaning and cardboard frame mountages all the year round.